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readings and talksREADINGS: John Bevis is available for poetry readings, talks, lectures and literary festival appearances, and offers lively, witty and audience-friendly programmes. To enquire about availability for future events, please send relevant information to John Bevis on the Contact Form.

WRITINGS: Catalogue essays, contributions to anthologies, endorsements and critical writings may be commissioned from John Bevis. See below on this page for further details. To enquire about critical writings and commissions, please send relevant information to John Bevis on the Contact Form.


Caught by the River Thames Festival
John Bevis will be giving a slide lecture on the Keartons, to tie in with his newest title, The Keartons: Inventing Nature Photography. Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 August, times to be announced.
“A remarkable new festival celebrating the very best in music, arts and the natural world, Caught by the River Thames promises to bring together a truly inspirational gathering of bands and brewers, authors and artists, thinkers and drinkers over two days. Part gig, part literary gathering, part nature symposium, part high-summer garden party, it promises to the most diverse and inspirational festival line-up in the capital this summer”.
Palace Picturehouse, Caught by the River Thames Festival. Fulham Palace, London SW6.
For Caught by the River Thames Festival line-up and further info click here.

Richmond Walking & Book Festival
John Bevis will be giving a slide lecture on the Keartons, to tie in with his newest title, The Keartons: Inventing Nature Photography. Friday 30 September, 7:30pm.
“Our festival provides the opportunity for a fantastic break; combining day time walks led by knowledgeable guides, with evening talks from popular and emerging authors. You create your own programme; do as little or as much of either or both. The Festival is centred in the lively and picturesque market town of Richmond which boasts everything you need to ensure a wonderful day or longer stay, whether a solo traveller or a group of friends”.
Richmond Cricket Club, Richmond DL10 4AR. Disabled access available. Tickets: £6
For full information on the Walking and Books Festival click here.


Lively, witty and audience-friendly, John Bevis’s poetry readings are a breath of fresh air. Sample readings may be seen on the Videos page, while for a fuller flavour his video DVD One Four Seven is available to buy online.

To make bookings for poetry readings, please send relevant information to John Bevis on the Contact Form.

John Bevis offers adaptable talks on a variety of subjects, with the current list including:

Bird song, collected and uncollected
Building on a background on how and why birds sing, this talk offers incursions into the various ways we attempt to capture and recreate birdsong, in music, clocks, automatons, bird callers and language. Illustrated with various bird songs, recordings, mechanical calls, etc.

Found poetry
Drawing on the Primer of Found Poetry, this surveys some of the many methods of converting existing text into found poetry, with readings of the results, and includes live demonstrations of some of the techniques.

Richard and Cherry Kearton
An illustrated talk on the intriguing exploits and remarkable inventions of Britain’s pioneering natural history photographers, with an investigation into what makes them still so relevant.

Prostate cancer
What every man needs to know, drawn from personal experience. A talk aimed at consciousness-raising among middle aged men and their partners, detailing what to look out for, what to do about it, and how to ensure the best consequences.

To make bookings for talks, please send details of your organisation and requirements to John Bevis on the Contact Form.


John Bevis scriptis a critical writer and editor with a catalogue of published work on subjects including bird song, natural history photography, cancer, true crime, poetry, art, and artists’ books. He has edited and contributed essays to numerous exhibition catalogues, anthologies, and artists’ books.

Roger L. Conover, Executive Editor, MIT Press, offered this endorsement on reading the manuscript of Aaaaw to Zzzzzd, which he commissioned from John Bevis for MIT Press:

“It has been a long time since I have been as taken by a manuscript as much as I was by this one, and that an author has totally fulfilled, even exceeded, my hopes and expectations. Thank you so very much for all the effort and care you put into this.

The text is everywhere graceful, charming, eloquent, and wise. This book is a real gift to language.”

John Bevis will be very happy to consider undertaking writing commissions on a freelance basis. To find out more about commissioning essays, articles and reviews, please send details of subject matter, length, and name and date of proposed publication to info@johnbevis.com.

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